Exploring Taipei (25/11/12) Day 4~

Very quickly, 3 days have passed, and today is the last day of our trip. We decided to go back to南美 coffeehouse for our breakfast as this shop opens very early. After our breakfast, we went to峰大咖啡 as my friend wanted to try their blue mountain expensive coffee. After she tried it, she told me the coffee smells amazing and the taste is indescribable… Too bad I don’t drink coffee. She also bought a few packets of coffee powder, and I bought some biscuits and confectionery, in case we get hungry in the plane. After that, my friend went to the salon to wash and cut her hair while I do some last minute shopping. I bought some more stockings and 2 more tops! 😀

The driver came to pick us up at the hotel around 12noon to take us to the airport. Before we go to the airport, he took us to 维格to buy some last min gifts for our colleagues and friends. When we reach the airport for checking in our luggage, the person said our luggage weight exceeded by 2kg! We took out some things and finally we are on our way home. I miss Taiwan and hope to be back there again next year~

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3 thoughts on “Exploring Taipei (25/11/12) Day 4~

  1. chris

    Hi, mind to share the contact details of the driver for the second day to jiu fen etc? Twd3200 is nett price?

    • Hi Chris, Twd 3200 is the price we negotiated with him.. You can message him on facebook too. His name is 鍾文廷. I’m afraid I lost his contacts.
      But I know of another driver which I kept his name card, price is similar too.
      His name is 李先生,Tel: 0921-984-678. Hope this helps. 🙂

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