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Fika Swedish Cafe & Bistro

My colleagues and I went to a Swedish bistro for lunch last Friday, intending to have a small birthday celebration for the colleagues who are born in June. Fika is located among the rows of shop-houses at Beach Road,  within walking distance from Bugis Mrt Station. We searched for this bistro online as we were looking for a special place which has vegetarian choices for some of our colleagues who are vegetarian.

The cafe has two levels and we were given seats on the 2nd level. The first level’s white concept and bright lights provides a nice ambience for couples going for dinner in the evening. But what I really loved is their 2nd level which gives a homely feeling like living in a small cozy cottage. We spent around $23 per pax while we were there. I felt the food is a little over-priced, though I might go there again just to try their desserts. By the way, plain water is not served free, it costs $0.50 per cup (refillable).


Skagen~ One of the savory crepes that we ordered, consists of shrimps and smoked salmon, served chilled. Even though it is nicely garnished, but the taste is not up to expectation. In fact, it is a little too dry and we could not finish it. We will not order it again.


Their roast beef savoury crepe is awesome! It contains piping hot roast beef, green apple, potato, cheese and onions. I didn’t know that the sweet sour taste of green apple together with juicy beef and potato could be such a wonderful combination. However, this crepe comes in quite a large portion, if you are a small eater, you could consider sharing this with someone else.


Pasta salad is one of the vegetarian choices you could choose from in this cafe.  Tasted good!


Swedish meatballs have always been my all-time favorite ever since I first tried them at Ikea in Singapore.                                                                         At Fika, the meatballs are drizzled with melted cheddar cheese!


Their mushroom crepe is rather oily and salty. Not one of the recommended choice.


If you are a fish lover, you can try their grilled salmon covered with lemon butter sauce.


The 2nd level of the cafe gives me that homely feeling with the couch and ‘fire place’. Perfect place to relax and chill with friends.


As we went during the afternoon for lunch, the sunlight streaming in through the windows make the whole place look so inviting and comfortable.

Fika Swedish Café & Bistro

257 Beach Road

Tel: 63969096

Opening hours:

11:00 – 23:00 (Mon – Fri)

12:00 – 23:00 (Sat – Sun)


Nearest Mrt: Bugis Station

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Everything with Fries

Lunch today was at Everything With Fries. EWF was started by the owners of Awfully Chocolate in 2009. After reading some reviews online, we decided to give this place a go. We went to the outlet near Bugis Mrt, located at the 4th level of Bugis Junction. I might visit this place again to try their desserts~

I recommend this place for lunch, dinner, after work chillout, friends gathering. We spent $17 per person.



For an avid dessert fan!

I ordered the Tandoori Chicken Sandwich along with sour cream & onion shoestring fries.  I think the chicken was good, the sauce was just right, it did not make the bread too soggy. The taste of the sour cream & onion seasoning on the fries was exactly the kind of taste I was looking for. I rate the fries 4/5 and the sandwich 3/5.

We can choose from two types of fries: shoestring and straight cut, with five different flavors: Original, Curry, Salt & Vinegar, Sour Cream and Onion, Garlic and herbs.

We originally wanted to order the Har Cheong Kai Burger but the waitress informed us that this burger is only available at the Orchard’s outlet.


Tandoori Chicken Sandwich at $11.90

My colleague ordered the battered fish sandwich together with salt & vinegar shoestring fries, which she rated 2/5. The fish was alright, but the batter was too thick. We will not order this again.


Battered Fish sandwich at $13.90


cappuccino at $3.80 (Not very fragrant, but still good enough to perk me up)
I rate it: 2.5/5

The Menu

The Menu





Bugis Junction,

200 Victoria Street #04-05

Singapore 188021

Tel : 63380135

Open Daily: 11am – 10pm

 Fri, Sat, Eve of Public Holiday: 12pm – 1030pm

Nearest MRT Station: Bugis




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Seoul Yummy Korean Casual Dining at Bugis +

Last night’s dinner with my ex-colleagues was at Seoul Yummy~ Its a restaurant serving Korean cuisine, situated at Bugis plus (beside the Bugis mrt station).

Not all the dishes are up to my standard for last night’s dinner. We spent around $20 each person last night. Overall it was not too bad for me, however I might not go back to the same outlet at bugis plus as some of their service crew has attitude problem.

Here’s last night dinner!

cold noodles~ I kind of like the pork in it :)

cold noodles~ I kind of like the pork in it 🙂


yummy chicken! Couldn’t have enough of it! ^^


The beef is amazing~ Not too fatty, tasted just right.


Ginseng Chicken! One of the dish that many of my colleagues felt its the best dish for last night’s dinner. Chicken is very tender and tasty soup!


I personally like the potato pancake, though its not what I imagine it to be. But its quite nice~


This Kimchi fried rice is the worst dish of last night’s dinner. It’s very salty and a little sour. Many of my colleagues also did not like it. If you are feeling adventurous or have unique taste buds, you can try it.


The fish cake is not very nice too. Quite tasteless. Will never order it again.


Bibimbap! It’s not too bad, can try!


Korean hotpot spicy meat soup!
The soup is not spicy at all though it looks spicy.
Not for someone who loves spicy food. I love the meat in it ^^ they have the seafood option too.


Dessert! The top part is soft serve yogurt. It’s NOT Vanilla ice cream, which many of us thought it was. Drizzled with tangy orange sauce. This dessert is not up to my expectations.


One of the favorite dessert for last night! Hot red bean, with matcha mochi and heart shaped mashmallow.
A MUST try!

I'm loving it!

I’m loving it!



Bugis Plus outlet

201 Victoria Street

#04-11 Bugis+

Tel: 65096900

The Central outlet

6 Eu Tong Sen Street

#03-92/95 Central

Tel: 62278802

Square 2 outlet

10 Sinaran Drive

#03-66 to 72/77/78 Novena Square 2

Tel: 63976939 Fax: 63976938


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Taipei Cafe in North Bridge Road Singapore

My Colleague and I tried out a Taiwan cafe today. The price is around $10~$15 (before discount). The restaurant is having a 40% off promotion during weekday lunch time  12noon – 4pm. They serve various authentic Taiwan dishes including Oyster Mee sua, Beef noodles & crispy chicken chop. We also bought bubble tea to compliment our meal!


Simple wall decoration

Taipei Cafe

Taipei Cafe


drinks menu

drinks menu

snow ice!

snow ice!

The food menu

The food menu

Taiwan Bubble Tea which my colleague said that the pearls are nice~

Taiwan Bubble Tea which my colleague said that the pearls are nice~

Yakult grape tea which I tried and felt it is not too sweet

Yakult grape tea which I tried and felt it is not too sweet

Oyster Mee sua

Oyster Mee sua

Beef noodles (noodles a little thick, soup is very tasty, beef is very soft)

Beef noodles (noodles a little thick, soup is very tasty, beef is very soft)

Taipei Café

470 North Bridge Road

Singapore 188735

Tel: 6336 6628

(Nearest Mrt: Bugis Mrt Station)

Opening Hours:

Mon – Fri: 11:00 am – 11:00 pm

Sat: 12:00 pm – 12:00 am

Sun: 11:00 am – 11:00 pm

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