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Le Chocolat Cafe

Recently my colleagues and I stumbled onto a nice cafe at Ann Siang Road after we had dinner and was taking a walk along that stretch of road. We decided to try their dessert after looking at what their tempting display counter had to offer. Le Chocolat Cafe is situated in The Club Hotel and serves mostly dessert, salad and sandwiches.

These are the dessert we had:


Their Strawberry tofu tasted like strawberries and marshmallow. Sweet and spongy~ And it’s very beautifully decorated.



Their Chocolate Mousse was ‘mediocre’, nothing extraordinary. But chocolate lovers should give this a try.


My first time trying a rainbow cake this big! Tasted better than I thought. The different colors do not represent different flavours, the whole cake tasted like a normal butter cake with chocolate sauce, just that it looks very pretty 🙂


Though the brownie with strawberries and whipped cream looks amazingly good, but they could be warmer and softer.



The menu on the wall

We spent around $40 for 4 dessert and 3 drinks. The price is in the acceptable range for me. The ambience is conducive enough for friends to have coffee or maybe read a book on a lazy weekend afternoon. I might come back here again if I happen to be around this area.

Le Chocolat Cafe

28 Ann Siang Road,

Singapore 069708

Tel: +65 6808 2184


Operating Hours:

Mon – Sun (730am – 11pm)



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Drips Bakery Cafe

During the long holidays, my colleagues and I decided to explore Tiong Bahru, one of the oldest residential estates in Singapore.  This area has undergone quite a lot of changes in recent years; therefore we were there to uncover some of the cafes around the neighborhood.

Drips Bakery Café was one of the café that was open on a Monday morning. By noon, we realized that there were already quite a few people in the café.



Rows of tarts greeted us upon entering the café. It’s so hard to choose among these tempting tarts!


Their menu


Their interior has a warm and cosy feel.



Panattone slice with vanilla ice cream is one of my favorite there. The bread is crispy outside and soft & warm inside. Wonderful combination with the vanilla ice-cream.


Their fruit tart is a MUST try! I love how the tart crust is not too hard, with the right texture and nice buttery taste. One tart will leave you wanting more.

The following are the rest of the things we tried there.


From top right: Specialty cold drip, chicken pie, mocha and chocolate banana tart.

Upon the first sip, the cold drip is a little too acidic and sour for people who prefer sweetened coffee. But as the coffee starts to get diluted by the ice, it became more acceptable for us.

The chicken pie does not bring us satisfaction as I find the fillings rather bland. I will not order this again.

As for the mocha, it tasted alright but could be warmer. And it is not as fragrant as some of the other places that I’ve tried.

Dark chocolate lovers might like their chocolate banana tart. There is a hint of bitterness in the rich chocolate; awesome combination with the sweetness of the banana. First few bites tasted good, however this tart is too rich. We could not finish it.

On the whole, I feel that this café is a nice place to stop by for some coffee and dessert. Our total bill came up to about $48, to be shared among 4 of us. I will definitely visit this place again to try other fruit tarts.

Drips Bakery Café

82 Tiong Poh Road, #01-05,
Singapore 160082

Tel: 6222 0400

Fax: 6776 0401

Opening Hours:

Sun – Thurs 11am – 930pm

Fri & Sat      11am – 11pm

Nearest Mrt:

Tiong Bahru station (15mins walk)

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Flor Patisserie

Finding a nice place for desserts or afternoon tea? You can try Flor Patisserie. I was there a few weeks ago together with some friends as an advanced celebration for my birthday. The place is quite inaccessible via public transport as it is not near the MRT. However if you are driving, it could be a nice and cozy place to chill out in the afternoon. There is another outlet at Takashimaya Orchard, which is much more accessible.

We ordered 8 types of cakes/desserts and it cost around $47 in total.

Their Mango dome is awesome! It is a must try for mango lovers. There is a little biscuit-crunch inside the mango mousse. Coconut is used as one of the ingredient for the cake base.


Mango dome

Their strawberry shortcake is my next favorite, the sponge cake portion is very soft and fluffy. Strawberries could be sweeter. Their cream is not too sweet, just right for me.


Berry Berries

Strawberry Souffle is also very yummy, a little different from Berry Berries as this is a cheese cake. It is smooth and rich but not as heavy as other kinds of cheesecakes. I could eat two!


Strawberry Souffle

If you like chestnuts and pastries, this is for you. Ordering a chestnut-flavored dessert is something new for me. It is different from what I initially expected but very special indeed. In fact, for pastries lovers, you have to try this. The centre portion consists of a light and flaky puff which is crispy despite the fact that it was topped by chestnut cream.


Waguri Millefeuille

The combination of orange and cheesecake tingles your taste buds with sweet and sour all mixed together. Wonderful combination as the mandarins orange scent made the cheesecake light and  craving for more.


Orange cheesecake

The Tiramisu is something I did not like. The chocolate is too bitter for me. However dark chocolate lovers would love this.



For those who love cheese, you will need to try this Ice cheese tart. Made from cream cheese on top of an almond cookie tart base, they come in different flavors. We ordered the caramel and strawberry ones. Initially I found it difficult to eat because it was served quite frozen, like hard ice cream. After waiting for it to ‘defrost’ a little, the cheese became softer. But I can only manage a quarter of this tart, the cheese is too thick and heavy for me.


Strawberry Ice cheese tart


The shop also sells a variety of teacakes & other kinds of cakes.


Cute icing sugar figurines to put on your customized cake



Flor Patisserie

2 Duxton Hill

Singapore 089588

Tel: 6223 8628

Fax: 6223 5248



Opening Hours:

11:00 – 19:00 (Mon – Sat)

11:00 – 18:00 (Sun & Public Holidays)


Basement 2

Tel: 6737 1789

Opening Hours:

10:00 – 21:00 (Daily)

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Ladurée – Singapore

If you are a fan of macarons & desserts, you should try Ladurée. This French patissier, world famous for their macarons finally opened their outlet in Singapore at Takashimaya (Ngee Ann City). My friend and I were there for shopping, when we decided to visit this outlet for our short burst of sugar.

After you tried it, you might go back for more..!  Although priced slightly higher than other places (prices starts at $3.80 per piece), but it was worth it. Finally Singaporeans can satisfy their macaron cravings without flying to Paris.



Rose, Chocolate & chestnut


Ladurée Singapore

Takashimaya S.C.,

Ngee Ann City, #02-09

Tel: +65 6884 7361

Opening Hours: 10am – 930pm

Nearest Mrt: Orchard Station

View Map here

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