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The Secret Bar at Keong Saik Road Singapore

My friend suggested that we go to a secret bar for some drinks and to chill out. The bar is hidden behind a library book shelf, which normal people cannot find. Along Keong Siak Road, there is a library, and beside the library, the signboard states ‘Keong Siak snacks’.

We entered the library and said we wanted to go to the secret bar, the librarian said we need a password to enter the bar. So we looked for the password through facebook and whispered the password to the librarian.

She went to the bookshelf and shifted it to let us enter. Upon entering the bookshelf, we were faced with mirror doors which we have to try and push to see which could be the entrance. The whole concept is very new to me and my friends and we were facinated with this ‘harry potter’ kind of concept.

Upon entering the bar, we realised that it is kind of crowded but it had a nice ambience. There is a back door made of glass for people to smoke outside. The mirrors in the bar made the bar looked more spacious and big. The drinks we ordered were all exotic and each drink is very special.


there’s a pomegranate, some flowers and lettuce nicely decorated on this exotic glass


flowers were decorated and put through a cucumber on a tin mug


This drink is deliciously sweet and fruity, with sugar frosting and flowers nicely decorated at the bottom of the glass


This drink named ‘top secret’, actually comes with a secret envelope and a note inside. Each drink has a different secret for everyone. Also tasted sweet and fruity.


This is my secret note for tonight!


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