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What I bought in Korea

Seoul is a shopping paradise for me! Here are a few of the things I bought.

Myeongdong – Cosmetics

My friends and I bought lots and lots of cosmetics when we were in Myeongdong.

1)      Laneige Firming sleeping pack 50ml (30,000 won) & Laneige Water sleeping pack 80ml (25,000 won).  Singapore selling at S$49 & S$45 respectively.

2)      Innisfree, Korea’s No. 1 natural cosmetic brand will be launching its first flagship store in Singapore this November. I bought their Green Ginseng Scalp Tonic for 10,000 won.

3)      I also bought the Faceshop Lip and eye remover. After trying their sample tester in Singapore, I felt that this make-up remover is very suitable for me as I have sensitive skin. It can even remove my waterproof mascara.

4)      To compliment the make-up remover, I bought the Faceshop’s rice water cleanser. This cleanser doesn’t dry my skin and gives a milky feeling after rinsing off. I love it so much.

5)      The Faceshop facial mist, could be used for travelling. Keeps the skin refreshed and moisturized. Costs 6,900 each

6)      I couldn’t resist buying the Faceshop rose cushion blusher costs less than S$4!


7)      Innisfree sunblock lotion (below) at 12,000 won. Once you apply it, effective results could be seen immediately. Your skin instantly turns fairer and moisturized.


8)      Etude House Hello Kitty travel perfume makes a very cute gift to your friends.  It is around 5 x 5cm in size and comes in 3 different fragrance. Costs around 5,000 won each. (pic below)


9)      Assorted Masks from Innisfree, Missha, It’s Skin, Beyond, Faceshop and many others. Prices start from 1,000 won onwards.




Lotte Supermarket, Seoul – Food

1)      Seaweed – You can find lots of it in the supermarket. It is one of the MUST BUY items in Korea. Don’t buy them at the airport or off the streets as it is more expensive. You can get it at a cheaper price in the supermarket.

2)      Ramyeon (ramen) – Korean instant noodles. I bought the one in the picture (after some sample tasting from the makeshift counter). Definitely cheaper than what is found in Singapore.


3)      Choco pie – This marshmallow-filled chocolate biscuit cake is one of my favorite snacks in Korea. You can find this in Singapore also, at a higher price.


4)      Market O real brownie is another of my favorite snack. Each brownie is packed individually, making it a convenient gift to colleagues and friends.


5)      Market O choco crispy compliments the real brownie. Also individually packed.


6)  O’sulloc Wedding Green Tea – This is something that I cannot find in Singapore. It costs 15,000 won per box. Alternatively, you may visit the O’sulloc store at Myeongdong for more variety though the cost is the same.




Ehwa Women’s University / Hongdae – Accessories

1)      Accessories – These can be found all over the streets of Ehwa, Hongdae and Dongdaemun. The prices are much cheaper in Ehwa Women’s University compared to Dongdaemun. Per necklace & earrings costs around 10,000 to 12,000 won.

It is difficult to find unique designs of such necklaces & earrings in Singapore, even if found, it costs around $20+ or more. I saw a pair of similar earrings in Singapore that costs $45.


2)      Make up pouch/bag (18cm in length) – costs 5,900 to 6,900 won. I found exactly the same pouch for $29.90 in Singapore.


3)      Cute paper clips (around 5cm in length) which I managed to find it along the streets of Hongdae. It makes a cute gift for friends. (3 for 5,000 won)


4)      Handmade camera case which I found at one of the shops in Ehwa Women’s University. (5,000 won)


5)      Korean fashion – Clothes, bags and shoes could be bought at these areas. Similar clothes and shoes could be found in Dongdaemun at a higher price, make sure you do your research in order not to get ripped off.

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Discovering Cafes in Korea

As there are simply too many nice cafes to visit in Korea, I’m just going to list some of them that I’ve been to, during my 5 days trip to Korea. Most of them are cafes which we stopped over for drinks or dessert.

Beans Bins

163-19, Mapo-gu, Seoul
Tel: +82 2 325 0737
Nearest Train Station: HongikUniversity station


Beans Bins can be found all around Seoul, it’s a speciality coffee and waffles café chain. We went to the outlet in Hongdae, which is located on the second level. As my friends are green tea lovers, we ordered the green tea waffle with green tea ice cream. Though I’m not a green tea fan, but I felt that this waffle is worth trying and surprisingly it tasted great! Firm and warm waffles, crispy on the outside and soft inside. As for my drinks, I ordered a banana nut milkshake which tasted exactly as what I expected it to be.IMG_4860



Caffé Bene

Caffé Bene is another coffeehouse chain in Seoul. This is my favorite café in Korea! We went to the outlet in Ehwa. To arrive at this place, take the Seoul subway and alight at Ehwa Women’s University (exit 2). The café is situated outside Ehwa Women’s University, just beside Zoo Coffee. This café is so special and cozy, I was reluctant to leave! And did I mention that the food is fantastic too?? Their honey cheese thick toast is out of this world, I can never find such great tasting thick toast in Singapore. The blueberry yoghurt waffles are amazingly nice too. The outlet in Ehwa has 2 levels and we are seated on the 2nd level where the bookshelves are.

cafe bene 1

This is the first level in Caffé Bene.
There is even a desktop for customers to surf the web or for students to do some research while drinking their coffee.

cafe bene 2

The 2nd level of Caffe Bene where we had our brunch at the cozy corner.

cafe bene 3


Miss Lee Café

Miss Lee Cafe is famous for their Lunch Box Meal and if you are a follower of the ‘We Got Married’ Korean reality Tv programme, you should definitely visit this café. We visited the outlet in Myeongdong.  It is situated towards the end of Myeongdong shopping area. Nearest train station would be Myeongdong station. There’s another outlet at Insadong though. This is ranked my 2nd favourite café out of all the cafes that I’ve been to during this trip. It is another special café which serves very delicious lunch box Kimchi rice. I am not a fan of kimchi and don’t like kimchi, but this rice lunch box meal tasted exceptionally good and do not have the sour taste of kimchi at all because the kimchi in this lunch box is thoroughly cooked. My friends and I missed this lunch box meal very much when we were back to Singapore. Their refreshing dessert contains countless of ingredients which surprisingly tasted great with everything mixed together.

You can check out their official website at:


Look for this building in Myeongdong

miss lee 3

The dessert (top left), which contains countless ingredients, consists of watermelon, banana, kiwi, mochi, coco crunch, red bean, ice cream, sun flower seeds, pineapple, cherry tomatoes and other ingredients which I lost count! This sweet dessert is cold and refreshing especially during the hot summer in Seoul. The Lunch box kimchi rice (bottom left), consisted mainly of kimchi, seaweed, sunny-side-up egg and luncheon meat. This simple lunch box rice is so addictive I could eat it everyday. The rice barley drink (top right) is cooling and mildly sweet. The coconut & sesame biscuit (bottom right) is too hard for us.
None of us liked this biscuit.

miss lee 1

miss lee 2

The cute looking handmade menu (top left) has a cloth cover and in the menu, they even teach you how to eat prepare the lunch box meal before eating. (bottom right) The café sells cute little items and candy too. (Top right)


Café Schneeballen

358-30 Seogyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul

Tel: 02-308-8577

Nearest Train Station: Hongik University station


We managed to find this café in Hongdae after searching for it. We first knew about this café when we searched online and heard good reviews about it. This is actually a pastry originating from Germany. This German cookie looks like a snowball and besides the classical ones dusted with confectioner’s sugar, there are recipes glazed with chocolate and nuts. What was fun about this café is that you get to ‘smash’ the cookie up at the cracking zone. We ordered one chocolate ball to share; its texture is like the magnum ice cream’s chocolate coating, cold and flaky, after it had been cracked.


schneeballen 2


Angel-in-us Coffee

We always wanted to visit the Angel-in-us coffee in Seoul as we heard that their waffles are superb. However, there are simply too many cafes in Hongdae that we did not managed to visit Angel-in-us, not until we went to Busan. We happened to spot this café and took a break after we finished our scenery viewing at Taejongdae. You can take bus no. 101 from the bus stop opposite Busan train station and alight at Taejongdae (태종대). You can easily spot this café from across the street.

Sad to say, their waffles tasted nothing out of the ordinary. Probably I had high expectations of this café. However, my friend loved their lime yoghurt drink a lot. It is highly recommended. The berry yoghurt drink tasted good too, you might want to try it too.



Take out coffee

Nearest Train station: Toseong Station

Take-out coffee is a small unique café that we discovered within Gamcheon Culture village. To get to Gamcheon Culture village, take Subway Line 1 (accessible from Busan Station) to Toseong Station. Come out from Exit 6. You will be facing an intersection. Turn right at the corner and walk straight. You will see a hospital on your right. The bus stop is right in front of the hospital. Take either Bus 2 or 2-2. This will take you to Gamcheon Culture Village at top of the hill.

I was quite fascinated with this café although they sell ordinary smoothie drinks and certain biscuits. This is because the whole café is very nicely decorated.


They sell really cute penguin cookies! (bottom left) We noticed the 2 little ‘farmers’ sitting at the window ledge (top left). The café interior brick wall is neatly decorated with unique items. (top right)


(From top left) At the corridor of the café, walls are painted with beautiful flowers. We ordered a refreshing lime juice drink to quench our thirst. (bottom right).


O’sulloc Tea House

47-1 Myeong-dong 1-ga, Jung-gu,

Seoul, South Korea

Tel: 02-774-5460

Nearest train station: Myeongdong Station


O’sulloc is a place where tea lovers should go! If you are a green tea lover, you definitely must try their green tea latte and ice cream. How to get there:  Take the Seoul Subway line 4 and alight at Myeongdong Station, Exit 6. Upon exiting the station, turn left onto Myeongdong 8-gil. Go straight about 400m, until you see O´sulloc Tea House on the right. The Tea house sells a wide variety of tea and there are sample tea leaves for customers to smell the fragrance. My favorite tea would be the Wedding Green Tea. This tea is highly recommended for people who love floral rose fragrance. The floral fragrance is sweet and dreamy, giving a hint of rose petals and marigold. It is 15,000 won per box (10 individually wrapped sachets).





The green tea waffles (top right) contains mochi in it. Therefore the waffle is crispy on the outside, but chewy inside. The toast (bottom left) contains chewy green tea mochi similar to the mochi in the waffles. Green tea latte (top left) is a MUST try for green tea lovers. The green tea swiss roll (bottom right) is sweet and the cream is very light and fluffy.

That’s all for the cafes that I visited. There are many other special cafes which you should visit in Korea. If you are an animal lover, you should definitely visit the Thanks Nature Café where you will get a chance to have a close encounter with sheep! We initially wanted to visit Thanks Nature café but those sheep were not in the café that day due to the hot summer weather. Thanks Nature Café could be found in Hongdae.

You might also want to visit the Lily Cat Café if you are a cat lover or the Dog café if you are a dog lover; both cafes can be found in Myeongdong. I hope to visit Korea again soon to visit those cafes which I missed out on. Sigh… I miss Korea so much!

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