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Home cooked Food: Mee Tai Mak (老鼠粉)soup recipe

Mee Tai Mak is a type of white noodle made of rice flour. It is somewhat thicker in circumference from spaghetti and shorter in length. Both ends are tapered and the texture is smoother than spaghetti. It is quite commonly found in Singapore.  They can be cooked in soup or stir fried. In any way, it tastes great!

Mee Tai Mak ( 老鼠粉)Soup Recipe

  • SERVES: 4
  • PREP: 30 mins
  • COOK: 1 hour


  • Fish balls (1 packet)
  • Fish cakes (1 packet)
  • Chicken balls (optional)
  • Fish paste wanton (optional)
  • Bean sprout (enough for 4 servings)
  • Chicken stock 1 cube
  • Light sauce
  • Salt
  • 2.5 litres water
  • 4 servings of mee tai mak (1/2 a packet)
  • Red chilli padi (optional for taste)
  • fried onions (for garnish and add according to preference)


  1. Wash the fish balls and fish cakes. Slice the fish cakes into bite sizes.
  2. Wash the bean sprouts and remove the head and roots.
  3. Cut red chilli and add light sauce into a saucer.


  1. Put the bean sprouts in a pot of water and bring to boil; remove the bean sprouts and set aside.
  2. Using the same pot of water, put the Mee Tai Mak in the water and boil for about 10mins, then drain off. Set aside the Mee Tai Mak.
  3. To cook the soup, boil a new pot of water adding a cube of chicken stock. Put the fish balls & sliced fishcakes into the pot of boiling water and continue to boil for about 10 mins. (if you have other optional ingredients, put it in together also to boil.) Season to taste with a few sprinkle of salt and a teaspoon of light soy sauce.
  4. Divide cooked mee tai mak & bean sprouts into 4 serving bowls.
  5. Serve the soup over the 4 bowls of mee tai mak along with the ingredients in the soup.
  6. Garnish with fried onions in accordance to individual preference.
  7. Red chilli with light sauce could be added into the soup or act as a dip sauce for the ingredients according to individual preference.
Mummy's home cooked Mee Tai Mak

Mummy’s home cooked Mee Tai Mak

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