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Exploring Medan – Lake Toba ~Day 2

On the 2nd day, we checked out of Niagara hotel after our breakfast and met up with our tour guide and driver. We drove to Berastagi (another 4-5 hours), where we stayed for another 1 night. We went to the fruit and vegetable plantation & also stopped to view the Sipiso-Piso falls.


Rows of cabbage grown beside the Chilli plant


The coffee plant

The coffee plant



Rows and rows of potatoes

40 minutes drive from Berastagi, we saw the Sipiso-Piso waterfall on the northern edge of Lake Toba. The waterfall is 120m high and is formed by an underground river which flows out into the Toba caldera. It takes us 15 mins to walk down the steps for a closer view of the waterfall, but another 30-45 mins to climb up the steps. 


The Sipiso Piso falls from afar


Steps leading to the waterfall


We got the closed up shot of the falls after going down so many steps.

My friends managed to take a very beautiful view of the lake at the bottom, close to the waterfall. when I saw the photo, I couldn’t believe my eyes. It was like a painting. Nevertheless, we were actually there.

The beautiful Lake Toba

The beautiful Lake Toba

After viewing the scenery, we stopped for lunch and continue our journey. In the evening, we went to check-in at the Sinabung Hills. The hotel is slightly better than Niagara hotel, where they have free wifi in their lobby and the room looks slightly nicer & more comfortable. However, their toilet condition is not clean, they have a bathtub in the bathroom but it looks old.

I’m not sure is it because of the colder weather in Berastagi as compared to Parapat, their water takes very long to boil in the room. It takes around 1+ hours to boil.

The view from our hotel window is not very nice. We were facing the car park and we woke up to cloudy skies in the morning.


Our room at Sinabung Hills

Our room at Sinabung Hills


How the hotel looks from outside

How the hotel looks from outside

At the poolside

At the poolside


Sinabung Hills Berastagi

Jl. Kolam Renang, Berastagi

North Sumatra – Indonesia

Tel: +62 628 91400

Fax: +62 628 91300



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